Get to know us

We are a construction design engineering company, who has designed a lot of machineries and raw materials for the major construction companies in the country. We are experts at designing some of the innovative designs in some of the famous structures across the country. Having started our career as an off-site fabrication unit, we have slowly emerged as a reputed design engineer in the industry.

We have the best and expert manpower in the industry, who are capable of coming out with the best and unique outputs each time. We have a dedicated department to study customer preferences and the overall trends of the industry. This helps us to custom design products that satiate the desires of the customers as well as our commercial clients.

We organize an annual talent hunt each year to draw in the best talents in the field of design engineering. By this act, we actually create an opportunity to fresh talents who are really talented and are capable to achieve big in the industry. This actually gives us the right mix of new and fresh talents and some of the veteran designers in the industry. Technology and expertise comes to a meeting point, which then brings out technologically and practically viable designs, giving us a great platform to succeed.

The variety, originality and quality of designs and products we produce, draws a number of clients to us and with our incredible and the best of the best services, we delight our clients. This makes our list of satisfied customers go on and on and on.

Our research and development team has always been instrumental in re-inventing technologies according to the recent trends and coming out with the best ad pioneer tools and machineries, giving us an edge over the others in the market.

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